How Can Text Message Marketing Help You

Amanat Ghar offers a broad range of reporting feaures that enable you to track your mobile marketing campaigns. You can easily view your inbound responses and determine which keywords are getting the most traffic and bringing contacts to your list.


At Amanat Ghar we understand how important it is to keep costs low when growing your business. We provide our customers the best text message marketing platform and group sms marketing features at the lowest price in the industry.

SMS marketing software for businesses

The features the SMS marketing software offers should be one of the very first things you look at. The software you choose needs to provide much more than the ability to send mass messages to your contacts. Find out if the software allows you to communicate back to your customers via SMS. Look for a software that includes auto-responses, free inbound messaging and a clear, easy to remember shortcode (which is a number for your customers to use to opt in to the campaign, like 97000).

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For Online Stores

Trumpia’s automated communications platform is the industry’s most complete mobile messaging solution. Now, send the right messages to the right people at the right time — all automatically.

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Text Message Marketing For Schools

With people as busy as they are today, keeping parents in the loop on events, date changes, and cancellations is hard work! They don't regularly check their email, phone broadcast systems are intrusive, not as quick and rather expensive. Text message marketing is the new alternative! Slick Text makes communicating to hundreds or thousands of student's parents a snap!


SMS for Small Business

Instantly communicate with your customers via text message. Get started in minutes with our easy-to-use web application. Plans start at Rs 2,000/month.

Enterprise Plans & Service

Run national text message campaigns using our premium database of mobile numbers. Bulk message rates & dedicated account of supervisor are available.

App For Android And Iphone Users

Send text message blasts, respond to subscribers & track your performance with our iPhone app Android app. Free with any account.

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More than just a simple SMS gateway.

Our powerful Text Message API allows you to easily SMS-enable your web or enterprise apps to provide on-demand SMS access to dynamic information via text message as well as send individual or mass text alerts in response to triggers in your application.